Coronavirus to peak by end of July or early August. Follow SOPs please: Prime Minister Imran Khan

By Staff Reporter

Islamabad: Prime minister Imran Khan advised the masses to strictly follow SOPs while being in the markets, houses and offices.
In a televised address to the nation on Monday, the premier said government expects that coronavirus cases in the country to peak by end of July or early August.

It’s worth noting here that, the federal government had earlier said they expect Pakistan’s coronavirus peak by end of May or early June.
Imran Khan cautioned the masses to strictly follow SOPs saying that the virus will spread and the “the trend our experts have observed is that it spreads, then peaks after a few weeks and then the curve will flatten”.

“The purpose of flattening the curve is to ease the pressure on hospitals,” explained the premier while addressing the nation on state television.
“We can manage the pandemic if we observe the SOPs in place and take precautions,” the premier urged the people.

“We expect our peak to come by the end of July or August and then we will witness a reduction in transmission of new cases.”

“Please wear masks, this is important. The world has realised that masks can prevent the spread of coronavirus by up to 50 per cent. Secondly, when you go to public spaces, follow the guidelines that have been issued by the government.”
However, he made it loud and clear that lockdown was no more an option in fight against the pandemic.

“During the lockdown, people – especially labourers and lower-income groups – went through a very difficult time. So, its no more an option now,” Imran Khan said.
He added that we, as a people, must realise that Pakistan is a poor country and there was no other choice to reopen businesses.

“The entire world understands now that lockdowns are not a solution.”

PM Imran also referred to the application launched by the NCOC – Pak Nighaybaan – which would guide citizens towards which health care facility had what resources available nearest to them.

He further announced that the government would be distributing a 1,000 more ICU beds in hospitals across the country.

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