Justice Qazi Faez Isa, GUILTY OR NOT?

By Abdullah Momand

ISLAMABAD: On Friday the Supreme Court of Pakistan quashed the government’s reference against Justice Qazi Faez Isa along with the show-cause notice issued to the judge by the Supreme Judicial Council has been declared null and void.

Justice Umar Ata Bandial announced the reserved verdict on Friday. However the court ordered the Commissioner of Inland Revenue to issue appropriate notices to the judge’s family and children under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 within the next seven days.

The legal experts linked with Supreme Court of Pakistan marked this a historical verdict in Pakistan’s judicial history. The decision has restored the constitutional integrity in Pakistan. Whereas some legal experts believe that Justice Qazi Faez Isa may not be out of the woods just yet since the court forwarded the matter to the Commissioner Inland revenue of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and directed them to submit all details to the council within the next sixty days which will decide the future of Justice Isa.

It is seen that #JusticeQaziFaezIsa is the top trending twitter handle.
Yet some support is seen from a group of individuals that believes this decision delivers justice against the presidential reference, while others condemn this decision whilst highlighting that the court has protected its own fellow judge from hot waters.

Discussing this verdict passed today with the legal experts in the Supreme Court of Pakistan who were observing not only the past work of Justice Faez Isa but also the overall hearings in the Supreme Judicial Council.

Shafqat Abbasi Advocate Supreme Court expressed that today’s verdict is a monumental verdict in the judicial history of Pakistan as lawyers and the benches always resisted any unconstitutional misadventures, with this verdict the top judiciary proved today that there is no room for unconstitutional forces in the country that tries to malign the status of Faiz Isa.

He also mentioned that it is always an encouraging event that justice seem to prevail and today this verdict in court proved it. This day and this verdict will always be remembered in the history of Pakistan.

He pointed out that Judges can surely be held accountable under the constitution of Pakistan yet in this case the government targeted the wife of Faez Isa for the ownership of illegal assets and tax returns, yet the matter was never interrogated through valid forums like FBR. a presidential reference was still filed against Justice Faez Isa, exposing the ill intentions biasness of the government against Justice Isa.

He also added that the government didn’t investigate the matter and filed the presidential reference directly bypassing other valid forums without preparation and this resulted clearly in the court once the verdict was passed. This not only restored the integrity of the judiciary system in Pakistan but also ruined the status of the government.

He further pointed out that some people are promoting false propaganda that Justice Isa was rescued by the judiciary from the crisis he faced but in reality Faez Isa presented himself before the court as a petitioner and not as a judge and requested the to be dealt with according to the law, the court verdict of the court never helped him since it forwarded the matter to FBR for further investigations.

Amjid Iqbal Qureshi advocate supreme court pointed out that the top judiciary quashed the government presidential reference against Faez Isa yet Isa is still not in a safe position because the verdict mentioned that the FBR will sent fresh notices to Isa’s wife and directed FBR to investigate the assets details as well tax returns profile. Isa’s fate will be decided by the revenue authorities.

Although he mentioned that the Supreme Judicial body is only concerned about their Judge not about his wife and if the Inland Revenue proved that Justice Isa’s wife is guilty in financial transaction and tax returns frauds and justice Faez Isa has no connetion in the matter, the revenue authorities will have to deal with Isa’s wife according to taxation laws. However if Justice Faez Isa is proven guilty then the council will decide the fate of their judge.

Usman Nadeem, the Managing Editor of ‘Islamabad Telegraph’ edited this news report

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