Pakistan to establish ‘knowledge city’

By Our Staff Reporter

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that his dream was to create a country’s first Information City that would provide top-quality education to students. 

On Twitter, the Prime Minister posted a video of the master plan of the groundbreaking project that he carried out in Mianwali on Saturday. Renowned architect Tony Ashai, who will carry out the Namal Information City project, thanked the Prime Minister for giving him the chance to be part of the project, Dawn reported.

“Thank you PM Imran Khan for giving me the opportunity to be part of your dream. A proud moment for Pakistanis and InshAllah will be an institution that will produce future leaders of Pakistan,” Ashai said in a tweet. 

The Namal Information City was conceived by Mr. Khan as a center of academic excellence for disadvantaged people living in remote areas. After the completion of the first step, more than 10,000 students from impoverished communities will benefit from the initiative. The project would be environmentally sustainable with a state-of-the-art green system. 

The master plan sets a new precedent for community design and environmental stewardship and offers creative ways to merge nature with urban planning. It will also support efforts to improve social justice through the use of locally sourced materials and human feedback. 

During his visit to Namal University to launch the first phase of the Knowledge City project on Saturday, Mr. Khan said that the institution will also house facilities such as schools and research centers to increase agricultural yields and establish new seed technologies. “The nation can only excel through education.

They do not advance or become wealthy simply by selling cotton or textile goods. Richness comes when you invest in people and provide them with higher education, “he said

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