Pakistan & Afghanistan can’t afford lawlessness & instability: General Qamar Javed Bajwa

By Editor Foreign Affairs

Islamabad: Pakistan and Afghanistan can not afford to face the risk of lawlessness and instability as such a situation would have disastrous consequences for both countries, said Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. 

Chief of Staff General Bajwa said this Wednesday when he met soldiers on the western frontier and visited a hospital in Peshawar and consoled the victims of a bomb blast at a religious seminary in which eight students were killed, Dawn newspaper announced on Thursday. 

General Bajwa said that Afghan refugees in Pakistan should exercise caution about the inimical forces so as not to be wittingly or unwittingly used in terrorist activities, according to the article. Pakistan and Afghanistan could not bear the possibility of lawlessness and anarchy, as this would have disastrous consequences for both countries, he said.

He said that Pakistan always wanted peace in Afghanistan and would spare no effort to restore peace and stability to the neighboring country. Pakistan and Afghanistan have faced terrorism in the last two decades, he said, adding that Pakistan has opened its arms and doors to Afghan refugees. 

He named the Pakistan-Afghan border fence a “peace fence” that had been set up to avoid the illegal cross-border movement of terrorists. The Army Chief said they would not sit at ease until all the terrorists and their facilitators had been killed, adding that he had come to share the sorrow of the Peshawar attack.    

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