Pakistan releases political activist after 9 years of imprisonment

By Our Staff Reporter

Islamabad: Pakistan released political activist Baba Jan of Gilgit Baltistan on Friday after nearly a decade of imprisonment.

The Imran Khan government was forced to surrender before Pakistan’s people were slammed and isolated by various international organisations on a number of human rights platforms.
A case was filed against him for raising the issue of allotment of marble mines to Chinese companies in Nasirabad valley of Hunza.

Pressure by the United Nations and various other forums globally has worked for the release of the activists.

Pakistan was forced to release political prisoner Baba Jan of Gilgit Baltistan as activists protested, but gained traction in October as protesters challenged the repressive law under which activists were detained.

Baba Jan, a prominent local activist leader, served a ninety-year term on trumped-up charges.

It is also confirmed that Iftikhar Hussain Karbalai was also released from Ghahkuch prison after nine years of imprisonment.

According to local media accounts, sources say that an agreement was reached between protestors in Hunza about the release of political prisoners a month ago.

In August 2011, Baba Jan and two other youth activists from Hunza, Amir Khan and Iftekhar Hussain, were convicted by an anti-terrorism court for engaging in a mass movement against government inaction during the Attabad incident.

Political activists from Gilgit Baltistan have repeatedly raised the question of Baba Jan and other political activists on international forums, including the United Nations, but Islamabad has been suppressing citizens under Schedule IV of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The case of Baba Jana is a clear reminder of the sad state of human rights in the area where the activist and political worker had to face a life sentence for protesting against injustice and state oppression.

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