Protests erupt in AJK over inflation

By National News Desk

Muzzafarabad: Clashes between civilians and the police erupted in Muzaffarabad after protests against high inflation turned violent with the arrest of local leaders.

The Action Committee in Rawalakot organised a protest on 13 January against the elimination of subsidies for wheat flour. However, before the planned protest, the police arrested local leaders, which caused a rage among the residents.

On Wednesday night, angry protesters clashed with the police and set a police station on fire, destroying police vehicles in the Azad Pattan area. Police have also resorted to firing and lathi charges against protesters who have injured several of them.

A protester said, “The arrest is a conspiracy to weaken our protest. Our movement is very peaceful for the rights of the people. It’s against rising inflation and unemployment. It’s about the demand for good education. However, they’re carrying out atrocities against us. Our friends from the Action Committee, Rawalakot, who raised their voices against a rise in the price of flour, have been caught up in the price of flour.

Another protester said, “We organised this protest peacefully, but the authorities took the wrong action and arrested our friends in Rawalakot.

We’re condemning this act. We want to warm the authorities as if they weren’t released, there’s going to be a massive protest in the Poonch division.”

Locals claim that this is a regular feature and is being abused by the Pakistan government in the name of civil rights.

People in Azad Jamu And Kashmir are fed up by the high-handedness of Islamabad and are forcing people to face challenges in meeting their daily needs.

There have been protests over the past few weeks against high inflation, but the local government and Islamabad are not paying any attention to their concerns.

(With Inputs from ANI)

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