Another underage domestic worker breathes last in Pakistan

By Our Staff Reporter

Lahore: Mystery shrouds death of an underage maid who was found dead in a house in Lahore’s upscale Defense Housing Authority on Monday.

According to police, twelve years old maid was found allegedly hanged in the house of her employer under mysterious circumstances in the Defence Housing Authority in Lahore.

Employer found her body hanging from ceiling fan in servant quarter and informed the police.

Although Pakistan’s laws discourage employing underage maids, however, twelve-year-old Marya had been working against Rs12,000 monthly wage and the landlord of the house claimed that she committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan.

The family of the employer, Dr Kamran, alerted police who reached the site and found the circumstantial evidences different from those reported by the family.

Media reports quoted a police official as saying that the girl’s feet were touching the ground when the police experts inspected the crime scene which made employer’s claim suspicious.

” Police has engaged the forensic experts who cordoned off the crime scene and collected samples for analysis. It doesn’t seem a case of suicide. We are investigating the case keeping in view every angle. dead body has been sent to the morgue for autopsy,” Investigation officer told journalists.

Police authorities confirmed that investigation into the mysterious death of the girl had been launched.

Domestic workers in Pakistan have been caught in dangerous cycle of violence. Although, Pakistani authorities claim they have taken steps to discourage violence against domestic workers. However, violence against them seems unending.

There seem no end to the plight of Child Domestic Workers (CDWs). They are in millions. They are continuously sold, exploited, abused, rapped, sodomized, tortured and killed. It is unfortunate that no other occupation in Pakistan has resulted deaths of children than Child Domestic Labour (CDL).

As many as 45 cases of violence against domestic workers have been reported in a few years in Pakistan in the media and by civil society organizations. Governments in Pakistan Pakistan have claimed they have done legislation to discourage it. However, cases of violence are increasing yet. In some cases, a dozen children had died after severe torture inflicted on them. A few were also poisoned to death by their employers.

“Continuously disturbing reports of torture and murders of domestic workers indicate the moral decay of society and the state. Violence by the powerful class against poor domestic workers needs to be discouraged at any cost,” Dr. Sobia Ali Hina told Islamabad Telegraph.

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