Bomb blast kills Six people in Balochistan’s Chaman

By Our Staff Reporter

Chaman, Balochistan: A powerful bomb blast killed six people in Balochistan’s Chaman city on Friday.

Spokesperson of government confirmed the incident.

” Unfortunately, six people have been martyred and 14 others were injured in a blast in Chaman on Friday afternoon. As per government directions, best available treatment is being given to the injured in hospital,” Balochistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani told “Islamabad Telegraph.”

victims of blast

Powerful blast ripped through a rally held by the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam – Nazaryati (JUI) to show solidarity with Palestine. Fourteen people inclusing the chief organizer of rally received multiple wounds.

According to Spokesperson of Baluchistan government, chief organizer of rally JUI Mr. Abdul Qadir Luni and Qari Mehrullah were unharmed in the explosion.

Law enforcement agencies have sealed the area following the blast while an emergency has been imposed in local hospitals to treat the injured.

Shahwani strongly condemned the attack, saying terrorists wanted to “destroy Balochistan’s peace”.

“The enemies of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians are on the side of Israeli aggression,” he added.

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