Rehman Malik advises World to be aware of India’s anti-Pakistan propaganda

Press Release

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) Senator A. Rehman Malik has protested over not inviting Pakistan to UNSC discussion on Afghanistan.

He said that at the time when Afghanistan is in great trouble, India is using the UN platform to propagate a false narrative against Pakistan. He said that the UNSC session presided by India and statement through the representative of Afghanistan has once again leveled their stereotype allegation of sponsoring of Taliban and alleging Pakistan for allowing Taliban sanctuaries which is a blame game by India.

He said that Pakistan is already facing the spill over of an internal fight in Afghanistan and is the target of terror outfits like Daesh and other militant factions, as evident from the attacks on 14th July on Chinese nationals in Dasu and the attack in Quetta on 8th September in which two policemen killed.

He urged the international community to not fall for Indian malicious propaganda and call UN session on Afghanistan to bring an end to civil war in Afghanistan.
Senator Rehman Malik said that for the incident of 9/11 accused were declared from the Middle East and none from Afghanistan and Pakistan was found involved; even then the US attacked Afghanistan and Pakistan was forced to allow its soil for logistics and be part of the ‘War on Terror’.

He said the war on terror ended without any result, bringing further instability to Afghanistan and whole region. If the US was sincere to end the Afghan internal conflict then it should have ensured the end of violence and a civil war-free strategy before an exit, he added.
The former Interior Minister questioned ever the West ever has demanded UN commission for investigation into the strange and fast emergence of anti-Muslim Daesh which is now operating from Afghanistan and committing acts of terrorism in Pakistan with the connivance of Indian spy agency RAW?

He apprehended that it looks West may consider bringing its forces back to Afghanistan and it will begin another round of war and Pakistan will again be under the pressure of the ‘Do More’ syndrome. He said that Pakistan has always wanted a political and peaceful solution in Afghanistan as trouble in Afghanistan means trouble for Pakistan and now FATF may bring a new charge sheet alleging so-called support of Taliban and terrorist sanctuaries as UNSC under the Indian presidency has already leveled baseless charges against Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan representative was not there to have defended his country though Mr. Munir Akram had demanded his presence as right. He said that nobody is going to ask PM Modi as to why the Kashmiri Muslims are in captivity under curfew for the last two years. He appealed to the UN Secretary-General to place his few questions before Security Council. His questions included who attacked Afghanistan for the first time and subsequently created Jihadis? Who and how Jihadis were recruited, trained, and launched in the Afghan-USSR war, he asked. He asks “who sponsored and financed Osama Bin Laden (OBL) and his associates and who created ISIS/Daesh and what were the means of financing and strengthening a lethal terrorist organisation? He also questioned that who created the concept of the Arab Spring to destabilise the Middle East and who organised the coup in Turkey to overthrow an elected democratic government?

He asked how and who planted terrorism in Nigeria, who is supporting Boko Haram in Niger and creating unrest/terrorism in Niger—a poverty-ridden country.
Senator Rehman Malik said that the above questions are very necessary to be answered by the international community at the platform of UN as very pertinent for the future peace process of the world.

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