Minor girl kidnapped at gun point in Swat Valley

By Haroon Siraj

Swat: A resident of Shah Dherai in Swat District alleged that his twelve years old daughter Saima was kidnapped six days earlier from home, by the local criminal.

Addressing a press conference along with his children here at Swat Press Club on Thursday, Ayub Khan alleged that six men including Raza Khan, Sher Ali, Samiullah, Bakht Sherawan,vLal Muhammad and Karimullah from his village forcrd entry into late at night , they subjected all members including him, his wife and children to torture and kidnapped his six years old daughter Saima from the house.

” We have reported the incident in Shahdherai Police Station, six days back, and have provided the evidence about accused. Sadly, police is not cooperating with us. Guess, the police are not serious to apprehend the criminal”, he said, adding that the criminal were still threatening them. The victim warned that if police failed to arrest the culprits, he would set his family including children, on fire.

” I appeal to the Prime Minister , Chief Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan to provide us justice by arresting the culprits and release my daughter from captivity. Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is also requested to take stern action against the police officials for failing in arresting the criminals”, he added.

He added that his kids were still in trauma, after the bitter experience and use to cry at night.

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