Renowned Nuclear Scientist Dr. Qadeer Khan dies

By Our Staff Reporter

Islamabad: Dr Qadeer Khan , renowned Pakistani nuclear scientist known as father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb, breathed his last in Islamabad.

Pakistan was yet to officially declare his death. However his family members was quoted in social media posts especially in Whatsapp groups.

Dr. Qadeer Khan has been ill for long time.

Last month, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Parliamentarian Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali had submitted a resolution in the National Assembly over the Government’s lack of interest about the poor health of nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan who was tested positive for Covid-19.

The resolution, also signed by the PML-N MNA, Chaudhry Hamid Hameed, says that Dr Khan had been hospitalized since August 24 but none of the Government personality including the President, Prime Minister or any Cabinet member inquired after his health or visited him in the hospital.

“This House demands President, Prime Minister and heads of constitutional institutions to visit Dr Khan to inquire about his health,” the resolution. The House through a resolution also called for ending all restrictions imposed on the founder of the country’s nuclear programme and providing him best medical facilities. “We also demand that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan should be given protocol and security,” the resolution further states adding that the nuclear scientist should also be given all the facilities as per law of the land and constitution, according to local media reports.

The resolution also regrets that a piece of fake news regarding the death of Dr Khan was released on social media but neither the Government denied the same nor ordered any inquiry.

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