Plan underway to make Swat crime-free zone: DPO Swat Zahid Nawaz

By Haroon Siraj

Swat- Media is the fourth pillar of the state and no one can disregard its importance and role in the society. These views were expressed by the newly appointed District Police Officer Swat Zahid Nawaz Marvat during the introductory meeting with Journalists Community here on Wednesday.

Newly appointed DPO said that after briefing, Swat has a very low crime rate and we will definitely make a plan to eradicate it from the district. He directed subordinates to maintain law and order situation in the district ensuring security of people’s and their properties.

“Actually, we were given the responsibility to protect lives and property of the masses, the uniform in fact, is a trust of the public over police and this responsibility can only be fulfilled by providing justice to the public, he added,” DPO said adding that the media should highlight genuine problems, its impact and also give its solutions where the department’s heads and government officers should change its policy and we all have one aim to support and make convenience for the general public to uplift their lives, DPO said.

He further went on saying that people of swat and security forces rendered sacrifices owing to successful military operation which successfully defeated the miscreants and now life back to normalcy in Swat. Without support and cooperation, we can’t achieve this goal, DPO added.

He further more added that he has directed police officers that cases should be investigated on merit while during the investigation torture will not be tolerated. Zahid Nawaz Marvat made it clear that he has directed that all SHOs drug dealers and brothels are destroying youth and stern action against them is necessary, while strict action will be taken against corrupt officers if found any. It is pertinent to mention here that Zahid Nawaz Marvat is known as one of the good police officer and enjoys an excellent reputation among the official circles.

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