By Muhammad Zoraiz


Former Interior Minister Senator A. Rehman Malik has urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to throw his ego aside and halt confrontation with Armed Forces on the ongoing issue of appointment of DG ISI which has been blown out of proportion by the government where as this could have resolved quietly and amicably.

He said that this unprecedented ongoing confrontation by the government may bring irreversible harm to the institutions in particular and in general to the country.

Frmer Interior Minister said that our government seems incompetent to resolve this issue amicably and he has advised the government to resolve this issue without further delay as it may harm the overall political environment.

He further said that there are many constitutional violations in the past which he had witnessed while conducting investigations as Chairman Parliamentary Committee on alleged election rigging in 2018.

“May I demand from Defence Minister to make my report public for information of the general public”, He further stated that Pakistan’s issues are bigger than a specific appointment that includes aggression of terrorists as Daesh and TTP are already knocking at our doors and on the other hand government is confronting petty matters and diverting the attention of the Armed Forces from ongoing security situations.

“Have our people noticed the recent attitudes and statements of the Afghan Taliban,” he questioned.

Rehman Malik urged the government to not follow the path of troubles which is leading to make our Army uncomfortable and controversial.

“I am on record having exposed the huge funding from anti-Pak countries and the enemy is already operating to tarnish the image of Pak Army and as a former interior minister I am worried about situation,” Malik said.

He stressed irrespective of our political affiliations we need to play our role as Pakistani to overcome the present crises. We need to block this move of West, Israel, and India of undermining our Armed Forces which is part of the hybrid war against Pakistan and part of anti-Pakistan moves worldwide. Let us save our beloved Pakistan, he said.

Former Interior Minister said that it is time for government and parliamentarians to work to halt the further fall of the Pakistani rupee against the US Dollar and to halt the price hike with some proper strategy. He said that the government should exert on improving the economy to give relief to the common man and control inflation rather than wasting time in confronting with i situations with the country . He expressed that all my suggestions may be taken in good faith and as advice from an elder senior political worker.
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