Better Late Than Never: Pakistan-TTP clinch ‘peace deal’

Also, Baloch Insurgents continue laying arms

Islamabad Telegraph Report

Islamabad: Weeks-long efforts by Pakistani officials bore fruit finally as leadership of TTP have agreed to give up militant activities across Pakistan. Reports suggested both sides have reached a deal brokered by Taliban.

” TTP has agreed to discontinue militancy cross Pakistan. It is temporary.However, both sides continue to make it last for ever,” a source told Islamabad based correspondent of this website.

Also, Dawn, a respected newspaper in Pakistan quouted sources as saying that tentative month-long truce shall be extendable, depending on how these negotiations go forward,” a source said.

It is not clear who from the Pakistan side is negotiating with the TTP.

The interior minister of Afghanistan’s Taliban regime, Sirajuddin Haqqani, has been playing a mediating role between Pakistan and the TTP, bringing the two sides under one roof to engage in face-to-face talks, said another source.

“Talks are being held directly between senior officers and senior TTP leadership. The TTP includes all groups without exception,” the source added. “There are several proposals on the table and both sides are working to hammer out a workable solution.”

This source made it clear that no tribal intermediaries were being engaged in talks with the TTP leadership at the moment. “They will be engaged at the appropriate time,” the source maintained.

In an interview with a Turkish news channel last month, Prime Minister Imran Khan had acknowledged that his government was in talks with the TTP so that they may surrender arms and reconcile in return for amnesty “to be able to live like ordinary citizens”.

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