No place for criminals in Swat: Zahid Marwat, DPO Swat

DPO Swat clips wings of criminals: Crackdown continues to make Pakistan version of Switzerland a safe place for tourists

By Haroon Siraj

Swat: District Police Officer (DPO) Swat, Zahid Marwat on Thursday advised the criminals to leave the district otherwise, they would be handled with iron hand. He said that police force would continue serving the people being public servants.

Talking to a delegation of Swat Press Club, at his office here at Saidu Sharif in Swat, a confident and well determined district police officer said a comprehensive operation had been launched against the culprits involved in drug trafficking, dacoits and other crimes.

” Being the patriotic citizens, the people of Swat have rendered valuable and unforgettable sacrifices for the sake of peace in the region. They have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our bright future”, DPO Zahid Marwat said, adding that open forums were being held in various parts of the district to identify the problems of the locals and find solutions.

He maintained that some criminal elements were trying to influence youth, in order to make them drug addicts, however, he added that such culprits would not be allowed to carry on their bad practices.

He said that a gang of robbers that was involved in looting the tourists have been arrested, and legal proceeding have been initiated, in order to convict them.

“A gang of criminals which was comprised of non-locals including some people from the neighboring Afghanistan, were involved in looting the tourists. However, in a successful operation all the members of the gang have been arrested, and cases have been registered”, Mr. Marwat said, and urged the local community to coordinate and cooperate with the police department, so that such culprits do not dare to enter the peaceful Swat valley again.

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