Unknown people attack a female journalist in Lahore, Pakistan

By Haneen Abbas

Islamabad: Three days after US based Pakistani journalist released controversial audio tape of a conversation held between former Chief justice and his acquaintance which revealed how powerful people allegedly forced then top judge to give sentence to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter, unknown people attacked journalist’s wife in posh sector of Lahore in the evening on Wednesday.

Unknown attacker intercepted car of Ambreen Fatima, who is also a journalist, as soon as she left home with children in the evening on Wednesday. An attacker attacked her car with a hammer repeatedly until it broke down.

Brave journalist drove her car to Ghazi Abad police station following the incident and narrated her all that happened to her. An FIR was registered at Ghazi Abad Police Station following day.

“ I, along with my children, children had left their house at 8pm on Wednesday. When we reached an adjoining street, an unidentified person raced towards the car and struck the vehicle’s windscreen three to four times with an iron object with the intention to cause me harm,” she said. Fatima added that the person also hurled death threats before running away,” Dawn quoted the victim as saying.

A spokesperson of Punjab Police confirmed to “Islamabad Telegraph” that an FIR has been registered while a police team has started investigating the case.

“An investigation has been initiated against an unidentified person,” said the spokesperson.

According to Dawn, incident involving Fatima comes days after her husband, Noorani, who works for a news outlet called Fact Focus, published an explosive story about former chief justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, who has recently found himself embroiled in controversy.

“On November 15, an investigative report published in The News by journalist Ansar Abbasi quoted the former top judge of Gilgit-Baltistan as saying in an alleged affidavit that Nisar interfered in judiciary proceedings and colluded to deny former premier Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz bail in 2018, days before the general elections,” Dawn reported.

Nisar had rubbished the allegations against him and called the report a “self-motivated story”.

However, the report was followed by Noorani’s alleged exposé which claimed to have revealed a conversation between Nisar and an unidentified man regarding interference in Maryam and Nawaz’s trials.

According to the Fact Focus website, the audio clip was examined by a leading firm in the United States which specialises in multimedia forensics. However, Nisar had rebutted the claims and termed the clip “fabricated”.

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