Two Passenger Planes’ Collision at ‘Heathrow’ Airport panics authorities

By Helena Clinton

  • Two passenger airplanes engaged in a minor collision at London’s Heathrow Airport on Wednesday.
  • An airport spokesperson confirmed the report and said that the incident involved Korean Air and Icelandair planes.
  • There were no injuries and the officials are investigating the incident, Heathrow said.

Heathrow: Heathrow Airport Authority has kicked off an Investigation to fix responsibility following a minor collision between two passengerjets near the runway of airport.

Emergency services were rushed to the run way to handel emergency. However no loss of life orsignificant damage reported except that the planes received minor bruises.

A spokesperson for Heathrow airport confirmed the incident to newsmen and said it was a minor collision.

“Yesterday evening our teams responded to a minor collision between two aircraft on the airfield. There were no injuries as a result of the incident and all passengers and crew were safely disembarked,” Insider quoted the Spokesperson as saying.

The spokesperson said the incident involved planes from Korean Air and Icelandair and that an investigation is underway.

When contacted , a apokesperon for the Korean Air also confirmed the unfortunate incident and said they also have launched an investigation to know what happened exactly.

“We have lauched a probe. What we know so far is that while taxiing for departure at Heathrow airport, Korean Air flight 908’s left winglet came into contact with the tail rudder of an Icelandair B757 aircraft that was taxiing after landing,” the spokesperson told Islamabad Telegraph.

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