Imran Khan Recommends Three Names For Next Army Chief

By Editor Political Affairs

Islamabad: Prime Min­ister Shehbaz Sharif has confirmed that former Premier Imran Khan had approached him through a common regarding the appointment of a new army chief. however, he said, he had declined his suggestion.

” Khan had approached me through a common friend regarding the appointment of a new army Chief. He had sent three names for the slot of Army Chief. However, I had refused to sit with Khan,” Prime Minister Shahbaz Shahbaz told journalists.

” Khan wanted to talk with him on two issues, including the appointment of the army chief and holding elections. I only offered to hold talks on the charter of democracy and the charter of the economy. I told Khan ( through the same messenger) that the appointment of army chief is the constitutional right of the prime minister and he would do it on his own,” Shahbaz told journalists and social media influencers.

PM Shehbaz said that the director general of ISI held the press conference after his approval.

He said Mr. Khan’s sit-in first jeopardized the Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan in 2014 and he again was planning to create a disturbance when he is about visit China.

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