More than 30,000 people gather In Pakistan stadium for police recruitment test

When you imagine a stadium packed to its capacity, you probably picture a major concert or athletic event. However, a stadium was used in a different way in Pakistan.  In a viral video that circulated on social media, 30,000 people were assembled in a stadium for something as serious as a police force recruiting test in Islamabad. 

A journalist from Pakistan shared a video on Twitter where as many as 30,000 people gathered to take a police recruitment test. The journalist informed in the tweet, “These are the teenagers of Pakistan who have not come to watch the match but to take the test for recruitment in Islamabad Police.”

In the video, thousands of applicants sat on the ground of the stadium as it was transformed into a test location for written exams. The tweet of this video coincides with the nation’s rising unemployment rate and ongoing financial crisis.

There are countless people seated all throughout the stadium with pens and notepads preparing for the exam, which will ultimately only hire 1,167 people to fill the open posts. The candidates were seated on both the ground and in the stands.

Al Jazeera also uploaded the video to their Instagram account about the situation and wrote, “It’s not #football that’s filled this stadium in #Pakistan but the hope of finding a job, with more than 30,000 people turning up to take a written test for #Islamabad’s police force. There are only 1,167 vacant positions.⁠”

According to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), The Express Tribune reported in February that more than 31% of Pakistan’s youngsters are unemployed.

The majority of these 31% have professional degrees, with 51% of females and 16% of males having them. According to The Express Tribune, which was cited by the news agency ANI, about 60% of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30.

PIDE also showed that an unexpectedly sizable portion of people of working age are not even employed. According to the research, these folks are either discouraged workers or have other sources of income.

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