Pakistani workers in Gulf face inhumane working conditions, says report

According to a recent report, Pakistani workers in the Gulf region are facing inhumane working conditions. The report highlighted the challenges faced by workers who are employed in various industries such as construction, domestic work, and transportation.

The report states that many Pakistani workers are subjected to long working hours, low wages, and unsafe working conditions. It also notes that some workers are forced to work without adequate safety equipment or training, which can result in serious injuries or even death.

The report further highlights that workers often face abusive treatment from their employers, with some being subjected to physical and verbal abuse. Some workers are also reportedly subjected to restrictions on their freedom of movement, which can lead to isolation and mental health issues.

The report calls for urgent action to address these issues and improve the working conditions of Pakistani workers in the Gulf region. It recommends that employers be held accountable for their treatment of workers and that workers be given access to legal and support services. In conclusion, the report highlights the urgent need to improve the working conditions of Pakistani workers in the Gulf region and calls on governments and employers to take immediate action to address this issue.

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