Pakistani Economist Pervez Tahir Advocates for Resuming Trade with India

In a recent development, Pakistani economist Pervez Tahir has called for the resumption of trade between Pakistan and India, citing potential economic benefits for both countries. Tahir believes that the two nations need to put their political differences aside and prioritize their economic interests.

Tahir argues that Pakistan and India have a history of shared economic interests and trading relations, which have been disrupted by political tensions. He further asserts that reviving trade between the two countries would not only promote economic growth and job creation, but also help to reduce poverty and promote regional stability.

The economist’s comments come at a time when relations between the two countries remain strained, particularly in the wake of recent military tensions in the disputed region of Kashmir. However, Tahir believes that economic cooperation can help to bridge the divide between the two nations and pave the way for improved political relations.

Tahir’s call for the resumption of trade with India has been welcomed by many in Pakistan, particularly those in the business community. However, it remains to be seen whether the political leadership in both countries will take heed of his advice and work towards normalizing their economic relations.

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