Muslim world denounces Taliban’s prohibition on women attending higher education, according to US State Secretary Blinken

According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the Muslim world opposes the Taliban’s restriction on women attending higher education institutions, according to the Afghan news outlet Tolo News. Governments from all across the Muslim world cried out to denounce the Taliban’s decision when they imposed harsh limitations on women’s access to higher education, claiming that the restrictions were cruel and against Islamic principles.
The Quran grants the right to education to both men and women, according to scholars of Islamic law, who also condemned the Taliban’s activities, he said, as reported by Tolo News.

The Taliban have been urged to allow access to education for both male and female students as Islamic leaders have said that access to education for school and university students is a fundamental right of pupils.

Fazal Hadi Wazeen, a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, stated: “In addition to what the foreigners say about the education of females in Afghanistan, this is a national and Sharia responsibility of the interim government, to reopen the doors of the schools and universities without delay for the girls, who contribute half of the population.”

Suraya Paikan, a women’s rights activist, said that “unfortunately, we are moving backward from the knowledge and this will affect Afghanistan and its people.”

According to Raweena Poya, a student, who was cited by Tolo News, “The interim government promised that schools and universities will be suspended until next notice; the girls are waiting for the doors of the schools and universities to be reopened eventually.”

According to Tolo News, this comes after more than 600 days have gone since females’ schools were shuttered and more than 140 days since young women were barred from attending colleges.

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