About Chief Editor

Kaswar Klasra has been a journalist for more than one & half decade. He has been reporting for world’s leading newspapers and News channels. During last 15 years, he worked for The Post, one of Pakistan’s leading media house, Dawn newspaper and The Nation. He launched this portal to publish human rights stories and content which mainstream media usually ignores.

He has been contributing to a number of International publications including China Daily, South China Morning Post, XINHUA, New York based The Media Line, US based Los Angeles Times, Singapore based The Straits Time, Japanese monthly magazine FACTA, The Nation (Pakistan), News of The World (London), India Today, Brunei Times, Newsmax ( USA) , Mirror ( UK), Daily Mail ( UK) , Progressive radio, Axel Springer, The Journal of Turkish weekly, Radio LBC (London) , New Indian Express, Mumbai Mirror and many more.

Kaswar Klasra regularly appear as investigative journalist & analyst on local & International news channels. He can be reached at: kk@islamabadtelegraph.com

Twitter: @kaswarKlasra